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Mystic Hive Slot

New Slots blog - Mystic Hive

Mystic Hive Slot

Enter this magical sparkling world with multipliers, free spins and wilds.

  • Release Date: August 2020
  • Game Type: Video Slot
  • Paylines: 30 Horizontally & Diagonally
  • RTP: 96.13% xxxx

Betsoft’s New Slot 2020

Betsoft is a well-respected producer of quality online games, and their slots, like the latest Mystic Hive Slot, are always eagerly awaited. Betsoft’s exciting slot games have excellent audio-visual effects with engaging, rapid play. The slots provide the players with fantastic animations and cinematic 3D that cover a wide variety of themes to entertain everyone.

Mystic Hive Slot – Full Of Amazing Features

The first indication this is a video slot for the modern players is when you see the Mystic Hive slot’s luminescent hexagonal grid. Ignore the glowing fireflies at your peril—these are not just charming animations, they can bring you multipliers and extra spins.

As they fly clockwise around the 3x4x5x4x3 grid, the fireflies help with filling the Nectar Meter. You can see the sparkling glass bottle to the right of the grid.

Fill the meter, and Mystic Hive slot gives five free spins when the Nectar Meter is full. Win the free spins and the fireflies get so excited and spontaneously spawn adding to your wins.

Adding to the excitement during the free spins spreading wilds can appear. These Nectar Burst wilds spread to adjacent honeycombs from wherever they first appear. They continue to spread with every free spin.

The Fireflies Are Your Friends

Three fireflies are flittering around the grid, and each one has its task.

The green firefly is a storm summoner, and when he does so, it increases your chances of collecting more of the violet nectar in the bottle.

The yellow firefly’s job is to award stacking multipliers to winning lines aligned with a yellow firefly. The multiplier is determined by the number of yellow fireflies surrounding the mystic hive plus 1.

The red firefly is one to look out for, they fill that meter filled quickly. The more red fireflies, the sooner you will collect those free spins.

Symbols & Payouts

The Mystic Hive slot has nine symbols, the lower-paying ones are Jack – Ace and look like melting candles. The higher paying symbols have four glowing gems and a random mushroom! The green gem is paying out the most at 10x your bet for five symbols on adjacent honeycombs. A big plus is the payouts are both ways, diagonally and horizontally.

Bets are from £0.10 to £90, with opportunities for big wins appearing faster the more you bet. The maximum win is 243x the bet.

Agents Casino’s Thoughts On Mystic Hive Slot

An attractive slot, with an equally attractive RTP of 96.13%, the Mystic Hive Slot is low volatility with a hit record of 48.71%. Our reviewer thought the soundtrack slightly uninspiring, but you can switch it off if its not your music type. Low volatility games don’t usually appeal to this reviewer, but they did enjoy playing the game – minus the music!