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Cryptocurrency And Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency - Online casino news

Haven’t times changed? For some, it might not seem so long ago that you headed to play to a land-based casino, cash in hand. But for most of us, the norm today is playing online casinos. The big plus is that we can do this literally from where-ever we have an internet connection!

Playing safely, knowing our money and data is protected is a vitally important element of any Agent Casino review. That said, we have seen the move from credit and debit card payments to eWallets, digital banking and cryptocurrency. The casino world has had a mixed response to cryptocurrency. Some casinos adding it as an extra payment option and others going solely crypto. One thing is clear, moving to cryptocurrency brings an additional layer of security and privacy that is increasingly attractive to the online casino and Sportsbook players.

So what is cryptocurrency? Do you need to be a tech whizz to use it? This digital form of currency is only available on computers. How does it work, you may ask? At its most basic it is a peer to peer transaction, cutting out the middleman. You will hear the term ‘blockchain’, and this is where the currency is stored— a public ledger. The name of cryptocurrency comes from ‘cryptography’ that encrypts the transaction data and the ledger making them very secure.

A Little More On Cryptocurrency & Its Relevance To Online Casinos

If you are considering this option for your online gaming, it may not be as complicated as you think. Agent Casino reviewers consider it a viable option as long as the player keeps in mind to play responsibly. This is not monopoly money but your cash in a different form! For some players, the fact that cryptocurrency is decentralised is a big plus. What this means is instead of a centralised government controlling the currency it is done by complex computer algorithms controlled by the user.

So, how do you buy your digital currency? As blockchain uses computers all over the globe as the host, this forms a distribution network that can be easily accessed. Meaning you can purchase from your computer or mobile phone. Cryptocurrency can be bought, sold, traded and redeemed at online exchanges.

The original cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, whose currency symbol is BTC. Other digital currencies entering the market are known as altcoins. You can now buy Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and many others to use in online casinos. As we mentioned online casinos are increasingly adding this form of currency to their platforms, initially it was only BTC that was acceptable, but that is also starting to expand to encompass some of the established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Using Cryptocurrencies At An Online Casino

First, you have to do some research and decide which of the digital currencies you want to work with. FYI, Bitcoin & Ethereum are currently the most accepted. Along with accepting the crypto deposits, many casinos are offering attractive bonuses for using this method.

As with most things online, the cryptocurrency companies seek to better their product offering more and more to the users. Better security remaining a number one priority. Ethereum has recently released its browser wallet in a mobile app. MetaMask is a browser plugin where users can store their Ether. Connecting to Ethereum based Dapps, users can spend their coins at online casinos and Sportsbook. The new release allows MetaMask users to have a dedicated mobile app to manage their wallets.

The New mobile MetaMask app is available for IOS and Android—so you can always be in control of your ETH Dapps. Current users of MetaMask will be able to scan a QR code, and then transfer all their data. This gives you the ability to access your funds from your mobile devices. A simple and efficient transfer method and once set-up you can access your funds anywhere. Meaning, of course, you can play your favourite games with cryptocurrency where-ever you want.